On Wednesday 15th May 2019, Legerity will be hosting their webinar focussing on ‘How Innovation is Transforming the Insurance Industry and the Implications for IFRS17’.

Technology innovation is driving huge change across the insurance industry. From customer experience, AI, chatbots, machine learning, through to leveraging cloud computing.

With the need to deliver IFRS17, now is the time to dramatically reimagine the back-office – the change for insurers, their employees and their customers will be transformational.

This discussion is moderated by ditto’s CEO, Mike Wilson and will gather rich experience and leading industry insight from the following panellists:


Register here to join us on the day to address key points on what the industry drivers are doing and why, what are the technology trends being innovated and how, the implications for IFRS17, adoption and barriers to innovation, and a range of top tips with advice.


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