You are all welcome to join us as we explore an undiscovered world of music with the Palestinian Music Expo on Thur Oct 28th at 5.00pm BST

The Palestinian Music Expo has been showcasing the talented writers and performers from the MENA regions since 2017, bringing artists and international industry professionals together to help develop relationships and opportunities while building a sustainable music industry in Palestine and for this largely undicovered pool of highly creative talent.

Joining us as guest & host on the night will be Abed Hathot – co-founder of the PMX – a talented writer and composer in his own right working in film, commercials and documentaries, he was the founder and guitarist with Khalas – Arabic Rock Orchestra, MetalHammer’s Best Global Metal Band winners and now connects Palestinian artists to labels and festivals around the world.

The evening will feature interviews and performances with an array of artists from the region, showcasing the amazing variety of genres developing there, from pure pop to trip hop and street rap to Sahara blues. Following the showcase we will hear from some of the industry professionals who have been lucky enough to visit PMX in Palestine, and there will be a live Q&A with Abed at the end of the show.

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