Campfire presents ‘Big Boost Mondays’ – Michael McCaffrey – The Breathing Space

Big Boost Mondays is a gathering of the like-minded on the first Monday of the month, to enjoy an evening with inspirational speakers and “doers” from the world of technology, art and culture. The event will take place at our brilliant FORA studio in Clerkenwell, London.

Our complimentary alcohol-free bar is a great place to catch up with friends and make new ones too, and provides a great space for creative networking.

To kick off Campfire presents Big Boost Mondays 2020, we were joined by breathwork coach and Founder of Breathing Space Wellness, Michael McCaffrey.

Breathing Space Wellness aim to bring wellness to the workplace through guided mindfulness, sound, breathwork and counselling. They offer sessions across multiple co-working spaces and organisations including Chelsea F.C, to increase emotional and physical wellbeing – increasing performance through meditative techniques.

Follow @breathingspacewellness on Instagram for more information on their meditative sessions.


Campfire // Michael McCaffrey

In this episode, we chat with breathwork and meditation coach Michael McCaffrey. He shares his frank personal journey from anxiety and depression, silent meditative retreats in Nepal and Dehli, discovering Buddhism, to setting up a successful wellbeing and meditation company Breathing Space Wellness.

Why not check out Michael’s suggested reading material on Buddhist practices, by author Steve Hagen, ‘Buddhism Plain and Simple’, ‘Buddhism Is Not What You Think’ and ‘Meditation Now or Never’.

Michael McCaffrey

Mike Wilson

Campfire presents ‘Big Boost Mondays’ with Michael McCaffrey - The Breathing Space

We started a new decade of Campfire exploring fresh tools for the mind and body, as Michael guided the audience through breathwork techniques.

Michael shared his personal journey of wellbeing and how meditative breathing techniques have transformed his life. We explored the science behind breathwork to uncover the many benefits of heightened blood oxygen levels including increased emotional and physical wellbeing.

There were three breathwork activities throughout the session, including a guided arrival to conscious breath, the parasympathetic 4.7.8 technique and the sympathetic Wim Hof Method. The impressive Wim Hof Method enables increased energy, reduced stress levels, and an augmented immune system response that swiftly deals with pathogens.

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