Spotlight On… Fintech Webinar Series

Nov 20, 2018

“Spotlight On…” is a monthly executive briefing on innovation, business development and technology – bringing together senior perspectives from across the business landscape to share, inspire and collaborate.

Recent Webinars

Spotlight On… A New Breed of Personal and Career Development

As we head into a new year, it’s a great opportunity to reflect and reimagine your goals.

A panel of industry experts share their insights on Personal and Career Development and how their respective firms are helping people to develop new skills, achieve the perfect work/life balance and reach their aspirations.

Download Elise’s “9 best life hacks to get your health, your relationships and your finances back on track” here:

Find out more about Peter and the Conscious Business Institute’s Ambassador Program here:

Spotlight On… Transformation & Disruption in Financial Services Webinar

Hear a panel of industry experts share their insight on Transformation & Disruption within Financial Services, and the benefits and barriers to adopting consumer technology trends and UX.

Spotlight On… Blockchain and the Financial Markets Webinar

A Blockchain Webinar panel discussion, with unique insight on how financial market innovators are embracing this emerging technology and the potential of distributed ledger on both business processes and technology workflows; and its impact on the eco-system, business models, talent and inter-participant relationships.

Spotlight On… Insurtech Webinar

A panel discussion with senior representatives from across the insurance industry and eco-system – insurers, technology and consultancy – sharing the opportunities and barriers to success in InsurTech.

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