Have you ever wanted to be a part of the England rugby team, but found becoming an international-level athlete a bit labour-intensive?

Oculus Rift, a 3D gaming company that produces one of the world’s leading virtual reality headsets, has come up with a way to turn every one of us into an Owen Farrell or Chris Robshaw, if only for a moment. They’ve joined forces with O2 and England Rugby to give their users a first-hand glimpse into what it would be like training with the England rugby team.

“Wear the Rose” is a 360-degree visual experience where participants get to see and hear everything that goes into a typical training session out on the field. You listen in to a team talk, take part in some passing drills, put in a few tackles and even pack down with the scrum.

“Wear the Rose” will be getting its debut at the 02 Blueroom at Twickenham during the England vs. Wales match this Sunday, and will become more widely available across O2 stores this summer.

So get your scrumcap on and clean your boots, it’s time to turn out for England. Make sure to stretch!