This weekend I celebrated the return of ‘London’s original brunch party’ to its spiritual home. In honour of one of my friends’ birthday, we headed to MODE in Notting Hill, for LOVE BRUNCH.

The event started in 2009, when five friends started hosting a communal brunch on a Saturday afternoon. From this relatively humble beginning, LOVE BRUNCH has gone on to grow to a 200+ guest event, attracting partygoers and celebs from all over London.

As well as marking LOVE BRUNCH’s return to its original home, the event on Saturday was also launching the brand new club MODE. The weather over the weekend was incredible, and it seemed a bit of a shame to be entering a big club at half past one. However, we entered the venue to a whiff of fresh paint and a décor that ranged from planes hanging off walls to a huge organ at the top of the room.


There were all maner of entertainers walking around and demanding our attention, including gymnasts and even fire-eaters! The food and drinks were flowing and we spent the whole day dancing to some great DJs. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and, before we knew it, the lights came on and we were out the door. We spent six hours in there, but the time absolutely flew by, we were having so much fun. Even better, we walking out into the lovely evening sunshine, able to look forward to what the rest of the day had in store.


I’d definitely recommend heading to LOVE BRUNCH if you get the chance – although you’ll likely have to book well in advance. There’s another event on in April in London, then the party moves to LA and eventually Ibiza. Maybe aim for the London one first though!