Campfire presents ‘Big Boost Mondays’ with Richard Norris – an ambient & abstract agenda

Big Boost Mondays is a gathering of the like-minded on the first Monday of the month, to enjoy an evening with inspirational speakers and “doers” from the world of technology, art and culture. The event will take place at our brilliant FORA studio in Clerkenwell, London.

Our complimentary alcohol-free bar is a great place to catch up with friends and make new ones too, and provides a great space for creative networking.

In the first instalment of the reignited ‘Campfire’, we were joined by DJ, music producer, sound engineer, author and electronic music pioneer, Richard Norris.

Richard began making music as a teenage member of St. Albans punk band Innocent Vicars recording two singles in 1980 – ‘Antimatter‘ and ‘Funky Town‘ for the independent No Brain Records. He started working in the music industry as the label manager for the British psychedelic record label, Bam Caruso, before becoming a writer for NME in 1987.

Since then Richard has been in the UK TOP 3 charts, most notably in with the single ‘Swamp Thing’ when he was a member of The Grid, and most recently performing at the 26th Anniversary of BBC Meltdown festival with Nile Rodgers, the most long-running artist-curated festival in the world. Richard’s journey now brings him on an ambient journey, with the release of Abstractions Volume 1 & 2.

Campfire // Richard Norris Podcast

Join the journey through Richards rise in music from electronic bedroom beats to UK TOP 3 singles. Find out why Joy Division were creatures from another planet and how a mix of music, LSD and fashion created the new term ‘Freakbeat’ embodying the mod, pop-psych sound. There are also rumours that Richard’s old manager is based on an eccentric Spinal Tap character.

Music can be an escape and a safe haven, and the necessity to create a safe space in dubious surroundings, which is what led Richard onto his ambient adventure.

Richard Norris

Mike Wilson

Campfire presents 'Big Boost Mondays' with Richard Norris

In this immersive talk Richard took the audience on his abstract and ambient journey, looking back on his musical journey and where that has led him to today. With headphones on, the audience tuned in and lost themselves in a world of sounds, shapes and immersion, subconsciously learning the science of relaxation.

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