Wearing protective equipment whilst playing sports is a no-brainer. We’d all prefer to save ourselves the pain and boredom of being injured. I’ve experience this first hand several times: over the years I’ve dislocated a shoulder, hyperextended my neck and damaged my ACL. Let me tell you, it’s not fun, or pretty.

So, it makes sense then that people who are looking to avoid damaging their teeth wear mouth guards when playing contact sports like rugby or American football. However, wearing a mouthpiece in the gym or running sounds a bit unnecessary, doesn’t it?

I spend quite a bit of time on exercise blogs and forums, and recently there have been some pretty heated debates over the matter. As if on cue, a company called Under Amour has just developed a product called ‘ArmourBite’ which, apparently, enables increased performance and recovery times when you exercise.

The idea is that ArmourBite increases the flow of oxygen by restricting your ability to clench your jaw. While this might seem like a pretty minor adjustment, Under Armour claim that their product:

• Increases your oxygen intake by 29%
• Increases strength by up to 20%
• Improves reaction time by up to 12%
• Reduces lactic acid build up by 25%, increasing endurance
• Lowers your levels of Cortisol, the main hormone for stress.


It might seem hard to believe that a mouthpiece can do all of this. However, I like to give things a shot before I dismiss them and I can say from experience that it does actually work. I know plenty of people who would consider themselves to be runners, but I’m definitely not one of them. That being said, when I used the ArmourBite on a recent run I felt like I could manage a marathon. It’s a small adjustment, but I’d definitely say that it makes a big difference.

If you fancy trying the ArmourBite out for yourself (which I’d highly recommend) grab one before they run out. You’ll see the results for yourself – prepare to be shocked!