Welcome to Big Boost Mondays Breakfast
- The well-being start to your week

Join us at 8.30am Monday 1st June 2020


We work in emerging tech, digital innovation and an online world. But fundamentally business is all about people…. people matter the most. Never has this become more apparent than in these times of stress, duress and uncertainty.

We want to feel connected, and we want to feel part of a community.

Whether you have been confined to working from home, struggling with social distancing or sitting in an empty office, ‘Big Boost Mondays Breakfast – The well-being start to your week’ is here to help. This session is a sure fire way to kick off the coming days with positive thoughts, shared communication, mindfulness and a renewed sense of clarity.

Our next session is Monday 1st June 8.30am BST with Breathwork and Meditation Coach Michael McCaffrey. He shares insightful techniques to help you boost your immune system, reduce anxiety and provides a much needed place to communicate positive messages – our shared ‘online sanctuary’.

We hope you find optimism during the session and we look forward to connecting with you each Monday morning – when we share positive ideas our whole collective outlook can be improved.

How the session works:

08:30 - Introduction

We welcome each other to the well-being session.

08:35 - Mindfulness

Michael brings a central focus to alleviate mental stresses and strains.

08:45 - Health and well-being best practices

Tips to boost immune system, positivity & reduce anxiety.

08:50 - Audience Q&A

We invite you to ask questions & share thoughts of solidarity.

What you’ll need:

A nice, quiet space

Get comfortable. Make your home a sanctuary for this well-being start to your week.

Listen up

Listening through headphones? If you are in a shared space or working environment why not connect with those beside you for a group listening session.

A hot cup of tea

Ginger and lemongrass or darjeeling? If coffee is more your bag, make sure you brew up something tasty. Keeping hydrated is key, make sure you are drinking enough water too.

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Michael McCaffrey

Founder of Breathing Space Wellness and a breathwork and meditation coach.

His practice brings wellness to the workplace through guided mindfulness, sound, breathwork and counselling. Breathing Space Wellness offer sessions across multiple co-working spaces and organisations, including Chelsea F.C, to increase emotional and physical wellbeing – increasing performance through meditative techniques.

Follow @breathingspacewellness on Instagram for more information.

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